WOLFGANG PRESS - Unremembered, Remembered
(4AD Records)
Ltd Record Store Day 2020 Edition, 140g Transparent Red Vinyl
LP / 4AD 0206LPE / 29 eur
-post punk-
Ilmus 29.8.2020

Wolfgang Pressi kuus varem avaldamata lugu - bändi viimane album, mida ei ilmunud.
Oma viimasel stuudiosessioonil salvestatud lood  masterdas bänd Abbey Roadis.
It is a great joy for all those involved that this imperfect circle is now complete and the unfinished noise we made so long ago, can now be pored over by those few rememberers who care enough to sit down and listen.
- The Wolfgang Press

1.You Say You Love Me
2.God, Let It Shine On
3.My Mother Told Me

1.Black Hole Star
3.Miss H.I.V.
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