KIM GORDON - The Collective
(Matador Records)
CD / OLE 2029CD
Ilmus 8.3.2024
Tarneaeg 2-3 nädalat

"What Gordon has proved in this past decade is that her art, her life, her cool...has never been contingent upon anyone else. With time, and through continued art-making, she has righted her own ship and pointed it once again in the direction of thrillingly uncharted waters."
- New York Times

"There are sounds on "Bye Bye" that never existed on a Sonic Youth record, but the song still works as one more sign that Gordon has always been decades ahead of the curve. Even now, we're not close to catching up with her."
- Stereogum


1. Bye Bye
2. The Candy House
3. I Don´t Miss My Mind
4. I’m a Man
5. Trophies
6. It´s Dark Inside
7. Psychedelic Orgasm
8. Tree House
9. Shelf Warmer
10. The Believers
11. Dream Dollar
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