FRANZ FERDINAND - Hits To the Head
(Domino Recording Co.)
CD / WIGCD 473
Ilmus 11.3.2022
Tarneaeg 2-3 nädalat

Franz Ferdinandi senist karjääri kokkuvõttev 20-looline parimate lugude kogumik.
18 vanemale loole lisaks ka kaks uut rada - Alex Kapranose, Julian Corrie ja Stuart Price´i poolt produtseeritud Billy Goodbye ja Curious.

"It`s the same as writing a set-list for a festival: you want to play the songs you know people want to hear. The hits. Bring the hits to the head. The heart. The feet. That means obvious singles, but also songs you know have a special meaning for both band and audience like Outsiders. We also added two new songs, recorded last year: Billy Goodbye and Curious, both co-produced at the last stage with Stuart Price. I have friends who believe you`re somehow not a “real” fan if you own a best of rather than a discography. I disagree. I think of my parents’ record collection as a kid. I loved their compilation LPs. I am so grateful that they had Changes or Rolled Gold. Those LPs were my entrance point. My introduction."

- Alex Kapranos, Franz Ferdinand

1. Darts Of Pleasure
2. Take Me Out
3. The Dark Of the Matinée
4. Michael
5. This Fire
6. Do You Want To                      
7. Walk Away
8. The Fallen
9. Outsiders
10. Lucid Dreams
11. Ulysses
12. No You Girls
13. Right Action
14. Evil Eye
15. Love Illumination
16. Stand On the Horizon
17. Always Ascending
18. Glimpse Of Love
19. Curious
20. Billy Goodbye    
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