TERKEL NøRGAARD - Terkel Nørgaard With Ralph Alessi
(We Jazz Records)
+ 12pg Booklet
digipakCD / WJCD 12

Ilmus 17.5.2019
Kohe poes olemas
Tarneaeg 1-3 päeva

"Danish drummer/composer Terkel Nørgaard presents a remarkable body of work with his group consisting of some of the strongest musicians in the Copenhagen scene and starring  the US trumpet great Ralph Alessi.
These seven original compositions burst with inspiration, placing the group at the forefront of new Nordic jazz music with heart."

Terkel Nørgaard -trummid,
Ralph Alessi - trompet,
Søren Gemmer - klaver,
Jesper Thorn - bass.


1. one
2. seventeen
3. twentyone
4. thirteen
5. nineteen
6. ten
7. twelve
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