(We Jazz)
digipakCD / WJCD 15
-avant-garde/free/soul jazz-

Koma Saxo on uus viieliikmeline kooslus, mille juhtfiguuriks Berliinis elav Rootsi bassist/produtsent Petter Eldh.
Viisikus kõvad jazz-nimed: bassist Eldh, trummar Christian Lillinger ja saksofonistid Otis Sandsjö, Jonas Kullhammar ja Mikko Innanen.

"The Koma Saxo debut LP on We Jazz Records is a revelation for anyone seeking contemporary jazz music with edge and vision. From the opener, the brief but fiery "Kali Koma", right into the pastoral finale, "Så Rinner Tiden Bort", Eldh & co are on it, like a tightly-knitted posse of jazz assassins on the run. At times, the pieces fall gloriously apart, just enough in order to be ripe to put back together again. Take "Ostron Koma" for example. From the intense opening seconds full of suspension, the track moves forward with breathtaking swing, then onto full-on free breakout, to be born anew."
- We Jazz
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