(We Jazz Records)
digipakCD / WJCD 08
-liquid jazz/experimental jazz/experimental electronic-
Ilmus 1.6.2018
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"The debut LP from Berlin-based Swedish saxophonist/composer Otis Sandsjö is a forward looking, multilayered collection of eight originals penned by Sandsjö and produced by Frans Petter Eldh.
What you get is a form of "liquid jazz", informed by hiphop and electronic music. It's as if the music is sampling itself, constantly keeping ahead of the curve in the musical lineage of jazz."

"A highly inspired debut album."
- Jazz Thing

Otis Sandsjö - saksofon / klarnet / süntesaatorid,
Petter Eldh - bass / süntesaatorid,
Elias Stemeseder - klahvpillid, süntesaatorid,
Tilo Weber - trummid.

1. pata pata 06:52
2. YUNG 06:42
3. den näpne 03:51
4. ACINOR 02:29
5. sun sun 05:01
6. BOO! 05:08
7. teppich 02:27
8. multipopix
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