MAKAYA MCCRAVEN - Deciphering the Message
(Blue Note Records)
digipakCD / 602438144723
Ilmus 19.11.2021
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1. A Slice Of the Top (AKA Sliced Off the Top /
From A Slice Of the Top by Hank Mobley)
2. Sunset (AKA Son Set / From Whistle Stop by Kenny Dorham)
3. When Your Lover Has Gone (AKA When You’ve Left Your Lover / From A Night In Tunisia by Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers
4. Ecaroh (AKA Revlis / From Horace Silver Trio by Horace Silver)
5. Tranquillity (AKA Corner Of the World / From Components by Bobby Hutcherson)
6. Wail Bait (AKA Wait Bail / From The Memorial Album by Clifford Brown)
7. Coppin’ the Haven (AKA “At the Haven Coppin / From One Flight Up by Dexter Gordon)
8. Frank’s Tune (AKA De’Jeff’s Tune / From Easterly Winds by Jack Wilson)
9. Autumn In New York (AKA Spring In Chicago / From Blue Lights, Vol.1 by Kenny Burrell)
10. Monaco (AKA Monte Negro / From ‘Round About Midnight At the Cafe Bohemia by Kenny Dorham)
11. Mr. Jin (AKA Mr. Gin / From Indestructible by Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers)
12. C.F.D. (AKA D.F.C. / From Something Personal by Jack Wilson)
13. Black Rhythm Happening (From Black Rhythm Happening by Eddie Gale)
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