KURT ELLING - The Questions
(OKeh Records)
CD / 889854928322
Ilmus 2018
NB! Soodushind
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1. A Hard Rain´s A-Gonna Fall (Featuring Branford Marsalis & Jeff "Tain" Watts)
2. A Happy Thought (Featuring Stu Mindeman)
3. American Tune
4. Washing Of the Water
5. A Secret In Three Views (Featuring John McLean & Stu Mindeman) 
6. Lonely Town (Featuring Joey Calderazzo & Marquis Hill)
7. Endless Lawns (Featuring Marquis Hill)
8. I Have Dreamed (Featuring Branford Marsalis)
9. The Enchantress (Featuring Joey Calderazzo)
10. Skylark (Featuring Stu Mindeman)
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