WILLIAM TYLER - Music From First Cow LP

JOHN CARPENTER, CODY CARPENTER AND DANIEL DAVIES - Halloween: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2LP

JULEE CRUISE - Three Demos 12"

BOB DYLAN - Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid LP

DEVONTÉ HYNES - Queen & Slim: Original Motion Picture Score LP

METAVARI - Absurda: Music Reimagined In the Short Films Of David Lynch LP

AUGUST MULLER - Machine Learning Experiments: Original Soundtrack

SQÜRL - Some Music for Robby Müller LP

SCOTT WALKER - The Childhood Of a Leader LP

THOM YORKE - Suspiria: Music For the Luca Guadagnino Film 2LP

SOUNDTRACK - Black Caesar LP

SOUNDTRACK - Black Mirror - USS Callister: Music Composed and Produced By Daniel Pemberton 2LP

SOUNDTRACK - Breaking Bad: Music From the Original Series 2LP

SOUNDTRACK - Disco Godfather LP

SOUNDTRACK - For the Throne: Music Inspired By the HBO Series Game Of Thrones LP

SOUNDTRACK - The Gentlemen LP


SOUNDTRACK - Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound LP

SOUNDTRACK - Esterno Giorno D´Estate LP

SOUNDTRACK - Jumanji: The Next Level LP

SOUNDTRACK - Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

SOUNDTRACK - Mickey Mouse Disco LP

SOUNDTRACK - Monty Python's Life Of Brian LP

SOUNDTRACK - Reservoir Dogs LP


SOUNDTRACK - Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows LP

SOUNDTRACK - Sid & Nancy: Love Kills - The Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

SOUNDTRACK - The Sopranos: Peppers & Eggs - Music From the HBO Original Series 2LP

SOUNDTRACK - Stranger Things 3: Music From the Netflix Original Series 2LP+7"

SOUNDTRACK - Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series Soundtrack 2LP BOX

SOUNDTRACK - Vault Of Horror: The Italian Connection Vol. 2