VARIOUS ARTISTS - Visible and Invisible Persons - Distributed In Space
(Numero Group)
LP / NUM 104
-sci-fi soul-

- "P-Funk and Prince & the Revolution led the world through the last stellar evolutionary stages of soul music as it was transmogrified through the pulverizing lens of the 1980s, when African-American culture gave way to an advanced African-Interplanetary civilization. Self-actualized artists and visionaries followed, reflecting and refracting their own interpretations as if translated by Samuel Delaney or Octavia Butler. This unwieldily titled collection documents ten successful experiments in privately-issued sci-fi soul music, lonely transmissions from a planet in a state of cultural fugue."
E. Willey Von Huff-N-Puff - Just Wish You Were Here
Walter Hawkins - Metropolis
Same Womb - Alibi Eyes
Cause And Effect - You Make Me Feel Brand New
Candle Tribe - Candles
T. Dyson & Company - First Time
LaRhonda LeGette - Now You Sit Alone
Iron Force - Stay
Errol Stubbs - Spaced Out On Your Love
Severed - Real Life
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