THE WHO - Odds & Sods
Ltd Deluxe Record Store Day 2020 Edition, 7000 Copies)
2LP / 60257712462
Ilmus 29.8.2020

1. Postcard
2. Now I`m a Farmer
3. Put the Money Down
4. Little Billy
5. Too Much Of Anything
6. Glow Girl

1. Pure and Easy
2. Faith In Something Bigger
3. I`m the Face
4. Naked Eye
5. Long Live Rock

1. Zoot Suit (Remix With Fade)
2. Here Tis (Only Previously Released On 30 Years… Box Set)
3. Leaving Here (From Pye Acetate)
4. Baby Don`t You Do It (From Pye Acetate)
5. Young Man Blues (Alternate Studio Version, Included On 1998 CD)
6. Dogs Part Two (B-side, the Single Mix; Included On Tommy SDE)
7. Here For More (B-side Single Mix)
8. The Seeker (Long Unedited Version, Unreleased)

1. Heaven and Hell (B-side Single Mix)
2. Don`t Know Myself (B-side Single Mix)
3. When I Was a Boy (B-side Single Mix)
4. Waspman (B-side Single Mix)
5. We Close Tonight (Included On 1998 CD)
6. Water (B-side Single Mix
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