TNT ROOTS - Raw Dub Creator
(Bokeh Versions)
LP / BKV 028

"A milestone dub release for the reliably adventurous Bristol based Bokeh Versions label."
- The Wire

TNT has never released a record before (aside from the 12" last year). TNT Roots has continued a solo career since Earthquake quietly folded in 2002, trading short-run CDr's on Ebay and the Blood & Fire forum. His music still survives on not-for-sale dubplates - pushed exclusively by legendary 90s sounds like Aba Shanti.
The result is the Raw Dub Creator LP - a survey of his 2006 - 2018 CDr selected by Bokeh. Urgent steppas for dark dances, heavier than the grave - next evolution soundsystem muzik.
These are driving militant sounds for these times made in seeming isolation in Northampton (TNT never plays live, doesn't want Bandcamp, just wants to sell his CDs quietly over email). TNT Roots' contribution to dub is seismic, almost dinosauric, but through some glitch in universe fabric, Mighty In Battle (Bokeh 2018) was his first official vinyl release. As half of Earthquake - he's responsible for the darkest, forward, most slept-on future of dub to grace us.
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