(Sahel Sounds)
LP / SS-052LP
-african-malian folktronica/hip-hop-

- "Luka Productions is Luka Guindo - rapper, producer and multi-instrumentalist / producer of contemporary Malian hip-hop.
Falaw is an innovative take on West African hip-hop and sample-based folktronica. A follow up from the acclaimed Malian “new age” inspired Fasokan (2017), Luka Guindo turns his focus to the rich cultural heritage of Manding music. Eschewing wholly PC-based sequencing, Falaw invites a number of traditional performers to join him in the studio. Griots recount sage stories over Luka’s sweeping synth pads while ngonis shred pentatonic solos to the crash of sequenced drum samples. Paying homage to the storyteller, combined with regional styles of lyrical hip-hop, Falaw offers advice on modern living, with heartfelt songs about loss, love, and life."
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