HAYNESY - Haynesy Hip Hop Edits
(Wah Wah Dubplate)
7" / DP 025
-hip-hop/rap/boom bap-

Complete with striking new artwork, DP number 25 delivers a couple of sure shot hip hop favourites, re-worked by UK production don Haynesy, complete with turntable trickery galore from DJ whiz Jabbathakut.
Daddy Sets Off is the perfect party starter. One of the Golden Era's best-loved rappers gets things going with a typically laconic flow over tight drum breaks, frantic bass and guitars and some very tasteful cut and paste action.
Who's a Big Mouth is a brass driven nugget from one of Brooklyn's finest rap groups that's been given more a little more club friendly bounce from Haynesy and some serious scratching skills from Jabbathakut.

A: Daddy Sets Off
B: Who's a Big Mouth
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