DJ SHADOW - Our Pathetic Age
(Mass Appeal Records / Liquid Amber Records)
2LP / MSAP 0088LP
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LP1: Instrumental Suite
1. Nature Always Wins
2. Slingblade
3. Intersectionality
4. Beauty, Power, Motion, Life, Work, Chaos, Law
5. Juggernaut

1. Firestorm
2. Weightless
3. Rosie
4. If I Died Today
5. My Lonely Room

LP2: Vocal Suite
1. Drone Warfare (Feat. Nas, Pharoahe Monch
2. Rain On Snow (Feat. Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon)
3. Rocket Fuel (Feat. De La Soul)
4. C.O.N.F.O.R.M. (Feat. Infamous Taz, Lateef The Truth Speaker, The Gift Of Gab)
5. Small Colleges (Stay With Me) (Feat. Wiki, Paul Banks)
6. Jojo`s Words (Feat. Stro)

1. Kings & Queens (Feat. Run The Jewels)
2. Taxin` (Feat. Dave East)
3. Dark Side Of the Heart (Feat. Fantastic Negrito)
4. I Am Not a Robot (Interlude)
5. Urgent. Important. Please Read (Feat.  Rockwell Knuckles , Tef Poe,  Daemon)
6. Our Pathetic Age (Feat. Sam Herring)

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