TOO FREE - Love In High Demand
(Sister Polygon)

LP / SPR 033LP
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Too Free on omaette kurioosne kooslus, mille soundimaalima loovad Awad Bilal (Big Freedia, Vasillus), Carson Cox (Merchandise) ja Don Godwin (Callers, Impractical Cockpit).
Love In High Demand on nende debüütalbum, mida World Clinic julgeb kindlalt soovitada neile kellel meeldib soulise-vokaalist kandev elektrooniline tantsumuusika, milles leidub nii house´i kui ka techno elemente!

- "Can we find each other in the club? In the bass? In the car? Can we find ourselves when we dance? Their debut album Love In High Demand is a startlingly succinct pop meditation on desire, compassion, and groove. Drawing from improvisation and experimentation, these sounds are whittled down to only the most essential: the hand beckoning a listener into their space. Informed by collective experiences in punk and DIY backgrounds, Too Free’s unpretentious dancehall ethos is inclusive and accessible instead of insular."

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