THE AVALANCHES - We Will Always Love You
(EMI Records / Modular Recordings / Astralwerks Records)
2LP / 0602508499630
Ilmus 4.12.2020
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1. Ghost Story (Featuring Orono)
2. Song For Barbara Payton
3. We Will Always Love You (Featuring Blood Orange)
4. The Divine Chord (Featuring Johnny Marr, MGMT)
5. Solitary Ceremonies
6. Interstellar Love (Featuring Leon Bridges)
7. Ghost Story Pt. 2 (Featuring Leon Bridges, Orono)
8. Reflecting Light (Featuring Sananda Maitreya, Vashti Bunyan)
9. Carrier Waves

1. Oh the Sunn! (Featuring Perry Farrell)
2. We Go On (Featuring Cola Boyy, Mick Jones)
3. Star Song.IMG
4. Until Daylight Comes (Featuring Tricky)
5. Wherever You Go (Featuring Clypso, Jamie XX, Neneh Cherry)
6. Music Makes Me High
7. Pink Champagne

1. Take Care In Your Dreaming (Featuring Denzel Curry, Sampa The Great, Tricky)
2. Overcome
3. Gold Sky (Featuring Kurt Vile)
4. Always Black (Featuring Pink Siifu)
5. Dial D For Devotion (Featuring Karen O)

1. Running Red Lights (Featuring Pink Siifu, Rivers Cuomo)
2. Born To Lose
3. Music Is the Light (Featuring Cornelius, Kelly Moran)
4. Weightless
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