CHAI - Wink
(Sub Pop Records)
Red, White & Blue Hi-melt On Clear Vinyl
LP / SP 1420
Ilmus 21.5.2021
NB! Soodushind
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Jaapani kvarteti CHAI süntesaator-popi rikas album.

On Wink, the scrappiness of Chai’s early records is peeled back to reveal a dreamier collection of melodies
- New York Times

They traded in their maximalist pop for a more groove-friendly sound, inverting the CHAI formula to great effect.
- The New Yorker

Delving into everything from twilight ballads to hyperactive chiptune, third album WINK explodes the idea that CHAI have any genre limitations, proving the four-piece can glide between styles off the strength of their songwriting.
- Pitchfork

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