KRAAK & SMAAK - Juicy Fruit
(Jalapeno Records)
2LP / JAL 217V
-nu disco-
Ilmus 10.6.2016
NB! Soodushind

1. Prescription (feat. Eric Biddines)
2. So Clear (feat. Meeka Kates)
3. I Don`t Know Why (feat. Mayer Hawthorne)
4. My Mind`s Made Up (Album Version) (feat. Berenice van Leer)
5. Stumble (feat. Parcels)
6. Hands Of Time (feat. Alxndr London)
7. Smile (feat. Eric Biddines)
8. U R Freak (feat. Ivar)
9. Toxic Love Affair (feat. Ivar & Sanguita)
10. Lake Eerie
11. Alone With You (feat. Cleopold)
12. You Don`t Owe Me (feat. Ivar)
13. Private Moon
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