WILLIE NELSON - First Rose Of Spring
(Legacy Recordings)
LP / 194397367010
Ilmus 3.7.2020
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1. First Rose Of Spring (Randy Houser, Allen Shamblin & Mark Beeson)
2. Blue Star (Willie Nelson & Buddy Cannon)
3. I'll Break Out Again Tonight (Sanger "Whitey" Shafer & Doodle Owens)
4. Don't Let the Old Man In (Toby Keith)
5. Just Bummin' Around (Pete Graves)
6. Our Song (Chris Stapleton)

1. We Are the Cowboys (Billy Joe Shaver)

2. Stealing Home (Marla Cannon-Goodman, Casey Beathard & Don Sampson)
3. I'm the Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised (Wayne Kemp, Bobby Borchers & Mack Vickery)
4. Love Just Laughed (Willie Nelson & Buddy Cannon)
5. Yesterday When I Was Young (Hier Encore) (Charles Aznavour & Herbert Kretzmer)
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