JOHNNY CASH - Water From the Wells Of Home
(Mercury Records / UMe)
Reissue, 180g Heavyweight Vinyl, +mp3 Download
LP / 602567726777

Ilmus 26.6.2020
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1. Ballad Of a Teenage Queen (With Rosanne Cash & The Everly Brothers)

2. As Long As I Live (With Emmylou Harris)
3. Where Did We Go Right (With June Carter & The Carter Family)
4. The Last Of the Drifters (With Tom T. Hall)
5. Call Me the Breeze (With June Carter Cash)

1. That Old Wheel (With Hank Williams, Jr.)

2. Sweeter Than the Flowers (With Waylon Jennings)
3. A Croft In Clachan (The Ballad Of Rob MacDunn) (With Glen Campbell)
4. New Moon Over Jamaica (With Paul McCartney)
5. Water From the Wells Of Home (With John Carter Cash)
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