B.B. KING - Singin´ the Blues
(WaxTime Records)
Ltd Edition, 180g Virgin Vinyl
LP / 772032
Ilmus 2015
Kohe poes olemas
Tarneaeg 1-3 päeva

"A veritable greatest hits... Proving that even in 1957 B.B. King was already in a league of his own."
- Living Blues magazine (from a review of Singin´ the Blues)


1. Please Love Me
2. You Upset Baby
3. Every Day I Have the Blues
4. Bad Luck
5. Three O´Clock Blues
6. Blind Love
7. Ruby Lee *

1. Woke Up This Morning
2. You Know I Love You
3. Sweet Little Angel
4. Ten Long Years
5. Did You Ever Love a Woman
6. Crying Won´t Help You
7. Jump With You Baby *
* Bonus Tracks

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