MICHAEL D. CARROLL - Retrographic: History's Most Exciting Images Transformed Into Living Colour
(Carpet Bombing Culture)
192lk, inglise keelne, suur formaat: 285mm x 235mm, kõvakaaneline
RAAMAT / 978-1-908211-50-7 / 32,00
Ilmus 15.9.2017
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Müügil ainult World Clinicu poes Telliskivi Loomelinnakus

"History´s most exciting images transformed into living colour.

Through the careful selection of striking images and dedicated colourization research, Retrographic will take you on a visual tour of the distant past. Many of these moments are already burned into our collective memory through the power of photography as shared by people across the 177-year long Age of the Image. And now, these visual time capsules are collected together for the first time and presented in living colour."