MALACHY CONEY / PAUL J. HOLDEN - The Moon Looked Down and Laughed
(Fantagraphics Books)
79lk, inglise keelne, pehmekaaneline, must-valge koomiks
KOOMIKS / 1-56097-263-7 / 10,00
Ilmus 1997
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"Is it possible to commit a lethal act of violence in the name of decency? Can people´s lives be bettered in consequence of cold-blooded murder? Are there times when the sword is more powerful than mere words? These are questions that haunt the Irish writer Tommy Doherty in Malachy Coney and Paul Holden´s newest graphic novel.

The Moon Looked Down and Laughed is the fourth comics story written by Coney about the intersecting and reciprocal obligations of friendship and community in the blue-collar neighborhood of Holy Cross in Belfast.