MAARJA NUUT & RUUM - World Inverted
(Õunaviks Records)
LP / OV 26
Ilmus 11.9.2020
Kohe poes olemas
Tarneaeg 1-3 päeva

The world is like this,” says the duo by way of explanation. “Every power has its opposite, and each world has its own world inverted. Our aim is to place these two opposites in one body.” Dealing with the heart and mind, World Inverted is born of their cumulative experiences of art, of each other, of life. It is a singular statement from them as creators, and represents some form of ideal as to how things are.
Tonally rich, World Inverted is a visceral record, full of interesting textures and moods. The duo’s abstract electronic soundscapes are softer here, and more delicate. Gone are the abrasive slabs of noise and abrupt shifts in pace; in their place is a quiet, insistent techno, a low level thrum that flows through all seven tracks."

1. We Get Older
2. World Inverted 
3. Cloths of Heaven
4.  Candy Street

1. Underneath There Is 
2. Circles
3. Happy Mr Kruger
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