THEMES FOR GREAT CITIES - Themes For Great Cities: Tallinn
(Moroderik Musik)
Ltd Edition, Red Vinyl

-electronic/soundscapes/soundtrack/modular synth-
Ilmus 3.2.2023
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"Sometime in mid-September, 2021, during a short, needed lull in a global pandemic, we gathered to write a musical love letter to a spectacular city. The idea was for the four of us:
a Dane, two Estonians, and an American,
(Jonas Bjerre, Erki Pärnoja, Jonas Kaarnamets and Alex Maiolo) to harvest sounds that told stories about Tallinn.

These would be assembled not primarily in the tradition of musique concrète, but rather as a series of instructions. Recordings of trams, the sea, footsteps, church services, markets, cafés, and flagpoles rattling in the wind, often working behind the scenes, would influence rhythms, patterns, note pitch, selection, and duration, while
symbiotically working with us, the musicians. Additionally, light readings from parks, the harbor, leaves, and the sky would be converted to voltage to do the same.
Effectivel y Tallinn was to become our fifth band member.

Ideally, the arc of the piece would include references to the city’s past and present, considering this would be constructed during the 20th anniversary of Estonia’s Independence.

We arrived for our first writing and sound gathering sessions with nothing 
prepared but this concept, and presented the composition 10 days later, at Tallinn Music Week’s opening night ceremony, on 30 September. This is a live recording of that performance."
- Moroderik Musik


2. Kalamaja kajakad
3. Tops vihmas
4. Fløjtesko
5. Jazz Halyards


1. Магазин Сосиски (Magazyn Sosysky)
2. Nevski katedraal
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