ARVO PÄRT - Für Alina
(Ajna Offensive / Mississippi Records)
LP / FLAME 108 / MRP-115 / 860002620947
Ilmus 2023
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"You can kill people with sound. And if you can kill, then maybe there is also the sound that is opposite of killing. And the distance between these two points is very big. And you are free--you can choose. In art everything is possible, but everything is not necessary."
- Arvo Pärt


1. Für Alina
2. Speigel im Spiegal (Mirrosrs In the Mirror)
3. Variationen zur Gesundung von Arinuschka (Variations For the Recovery Of Arinuschka)
4. Fratres (Brothers)

1. Speigel im Speigel (Version For Cello and Piano)

2. Für Alina
3. Speigel im Speigel (Version For Violin and Piano)
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