(Roots Art Records)
CD / RAR 1603
Ilmus 2016
Kohe poes olemas
Tarneaeg 1-3 päeva

1   Karlova Blues (Featuring Richard Townend)
2. Winter Blues (Featuring Bert Deivert)
3. Thanks For Bringing Me Down (Featuring Howard Fishman)
4. Tea For Alex
5. All In the Cards (Featuring Mikk Tammepõld)
6. Morganfield Blues (Featuring Ismo Haavisto)
7. Get Me Back (Featuring James Dalton)
8. Spider In My Bed (Featuring Steve Lury)
9. Spanish Run
10. Solitaire (Featuring Edgars Galzons and Lorete Medne)
11. Someplace Nice (Featuring Steve Lury)
12. Alligator Blues (Featuring Louie Digman)
13. Silver Lining
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