ANDRES ROOTS - Breakfast In September
(Roots Art Records)
CD / RAR1804
Ilmus 30.11.2018

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"Roots offers this all-instrumental guitar album and I think he hit a home run. The sounds are varied and interesting. The fingering of notes, chords and bass line is exceptional."
- Steve Jones, Blues Blast Magazine

1. The Sheik Of Hawaii, Pt. 1
2. Tango Walk
3. 4 AM Hot Dog
4. Leif's Guitar Blues
5. No Iguanas
6. Waltzin' Blue
7. Jook Jones
8. One For Mezz
9. When the Saints Go Marching In
10. 7th Heaven
11. Stumbleweed
12. The Sheik Of Hawaii, Pt. 2
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