NICKODEMUS - A Long Engagement
(Wonderwheel Recordings)
digipakCD / WONDERCD 35
-funk/african/latin jazz-
Ilmus 2018
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1. A Long Engagement
2. Will You Still Be Here? (With The Real Live Show & Pimps Of Joytime)
3   Livin' Your Dream (With Jahdan Blakkamore)
4. Mystic Molay (With Innov Gnawa)
5. Inmortales (Body Move) (With Fémina, Gitkin & The Spy From Cairo)
6. Caballito Del Mar (With La Yegros)
7. Do You Do You? (With Carol C & The Spy From Cairo)
8. The Crow (With Alsarah)
9. Invisible Cities
10. Music Man (With Grey Reverend)
11. Sugarella
12. Night Blooming Jasmines
13. All Over the Place (Outro)
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