SOUNDTRACK - Kung Fu Panda 3
(Sony Classical)
CD / 888751828629
Ilmus 2016
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Tarneaeg 1-3 päeva

Muusika: Hans Zimmer.


1. Oogway's Legacy (Featuring, Piano Lang Lang)
2. Hungry For Lunch
3. The Power Of Chi
4. The Arrival Of Kai
5   A New Father
6. The Hall Of Heroes
7. The Legend Of Kai
8   The Panda Village
9. Mei Mei's Ribbon Dance
10. Jaded
11. How To Be a Panda
12. Portrait Of Mom (Featuring, Piano Lang Lang)
13. Po Belongs (Featuring, Piano Lang Lang)
14. Kai Is Closer
15. Two Fathers
16. The Battle Of Legends
17. The Spirit Realm
18. The Dragon Warrior
19   Passing The Torch
20. Father and Son
21. Kung Fu Fighting (Celebration Time) (Metro Voices, Shanghai Roxi Musical Studio Choirs)
22. Try (Performed By Patrick Brasca Featuring Jay Chou)
23. Kung Fu Fighting (The Vamps)
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