VARIOUS ARTISTS - Eccentric Soul: The Saru Label
(Numero Group)
slipcaseCD / NUMERO 071

Out of Sights  - For The Rest Of My Life
The O’Jays - Now He’s Home
Pandella Kelly - Stand In For Love
The Ponderosa Twins - Bound
Elements - Son In Law
Sir Stanley - Are You Man Enough
Bobby Dukes - Just To Be With You
David Peoples - Got To Get My Broom Out
Michael Bell - Can’t Make It Without You
Out of Sights - I Can’t Take It
The Ba-roz - The Last Time
Elements - Hey Lady
The Ponderosa Twins - I Remember You
Out of Sights - My Woman’s Love
Out of Sights - Baby You Got It
The O’Jays - Shattered Man
Sir Stanley - I Believe
Out of Sights - Tears Don’t Care Who Cry
Elements - Prove It
The Ba-roz - Come Back Boy
Out of Sights - You Made Me Beg
Out of Sights - I Was Wrong
Elements - Just To Be With You
Pandella Kelly - Love´s Needed
Elements - Got To Make It Right
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