TOMMY HUNT - The Complete Man: 60s NYC Soul Songs
(Kent Records)
-60s soul-
Ilmus 2019
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Tommy Hunti klassikalised 60ndate souli lindistused Scepterile ja Dynamole ning ka tema Atlanticu ja Capitoli lood. Pluss viis leidu varajastest 60ndatest Scepteri arhiivilintidelt.

1. I Don't Want To Lose You
2. Hold On
3. I'll Make You Happy
4. The Clown
5. Lonely For You
6. The Pretty Part Of You
7. Never Love a Robin
8. The Work Song
9. What's the Matter Baby
10. One Of These Days
11. Who You Gonna Thrill Tonight
12. And I Never Knew
13. Human
14. Searchin' For Love
15. The Complete Man
16. Searchin' For My Baby (Lookin' Everywhere)
17. I Need a Woman Of My Own
18. You're So Fine
19. I'm With You
20. The Door Is Open
21. How Young Is Young
22. Girls Are Sentimental
23. Son, My Son
24. Born Free
25. I Believe 

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