THE TEMPTATIONS - Temptations 60
(Universal Music)
CD / 602438524860
Ilmus 2022
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R&B grupi The Temptations uute lugudega album!
Lugude autoriteks ja produtsentideks Narada Michael Walden, noor hip-hop produtsent K. Sparks, kauaaegne grupi liige Ron Tyson, bändi looja Otis Williams ja legendaarne Smokey Robinson.

1. Let It Reign
2. When We Were Kings
3. Is It Gonna Be Yes or No (Featuring Smokey Robinson)
4. Time For the People
5. Elevator Eyes
6. My Whole World
7. You Don`t Know Your Woman (Like I Do)
8. How Do You Spell Love
9. Calling Out Your Name
10. I Want It Right Now
11. Breaking My Back
12. Come On
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