(Cherry Red Records)
CD / DBCD 035
-ska/rock steady/reggae-

- "One of the most collectable rock steady albums ever released!
First issued by WIRL Records in Jamaica and Doctor Bird in Britain, Engine 54 collected ten original numbers, penned and produced in the studio by the group’s leader by Leonard ‘Sparrow’ Dillon, with the set including their international hit, Train To Skaville alongside other such notable works as Train To Glory, You Got the Dough, Give Me Your Love, Long Time Now and the immensely popular title track.
Now, at long last, this seminal album has been expanded to include the remainder of the group’s output from the rock steady era and in so doing features numerous best sellers alongside a number of rarities from the latter half of 1968.
Includes UK hit Train To Skaville.
New on CD Sign the Cheque and In the Park."
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