SEX PISTOLS - The Many Faces Of Sex Pistols: Studio Sessions, Live Gigs & Rarities
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digipak3CD / MBB 7149
Ilmus 2013

The Studio Sessions
1. Anarchy In the U.K.
2. God Save the Queen
3. Pretty Vacant
4. Liar
5. Problems
6. New York
7. EMI
8. No Fun (The Stooges Song)
9. Silly Thing (Paul Cook On Vocals)
10. Here We Go Again (Steve Jones On Vocals)
11. The Swindle Continues
12. Judging Minds (Early Version)
13. Anarchy In the U.K.
14. Sex On 45

CD2: The Legendary Deny Album (The Ex Pistols)
1. Don't Fear That Your Life Will Come To an End
2. Schools Are Prisons
3. Judging Minds
4. Boasting
5. Revolution In the Classroom
6. Happy Families
7. The Land Of Hope and Glory
8. We're Dancing On the Dole
9. The Great British Weekend
10. Cliches
11. Nicotine Addict
12. Daily Life
13. Can't See The Bars 'Till We Try To Get Out
14. Factory

CD3: Live, Studio, Sid Sings, & Rarities
1. I Wanna Be Me (Sex Pistols)
2. Satellite (Sex Pistols)
3. Submission (Sex Pistols)
4. Pretty Vacant (Live) (Sex Pistols)
5. C'Mon Everybody (Eddie Cochran's Song / Sid On Vocals) (Sex Pistols)
6. My Way (Sid Vicious)
7. Chatterbox (New York Dolls Song - Live) (Sid Vicious)
8. Something Else (Eddie Cochran's Song - Live) (Sid Vicious)
9. Belsen Was a Gas (Sex Pistols Song - Live) (Sid Vicious)
10. Chinese Rocks (Heartbreakers Song - Live) (Sid Vicious)
11. Search & Destroy (Iggy & The Stooges Song - Live) (Sid Vicious)
12. Dancing On the Dole (Early Version) (The Ex Pistols)
13. Revolution In the Classroom (Early Version) (The Ex Pistols)
14. The Land Of Hope and Glory (Original Single Version) (The Ex Pistols)
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