TEARS FOR FEARS - The Tipping Point
(Concord Records)
Deluxe Edition, Superior 3-Panel Fold Out Sleeve, + Expanded Booklet
digipakCD / 888072408883

-new wave-
Ilmus 25.2.2022
Tarneaeg 2-3 nädalat

"Before everything went so right with this album, everything first had to go wrong, it took years, but something happens when we put our heads together. We`ve got this balance, this push-me-pull-you thing - and it works really well.
- Roland Orzabal (Tears For Fears)

"If that balance doesn`t work on a Tears For Fears album, the whole thing just doesn`t work. To put it in simple terms, a Tears For Fears record and what people perceive to be the sound of Tears For Fears - is the stuff we can both agree on.
- Curt Smith (Tears For Fears)

1. No Small Thing
2. The Tipping Point
3. Long, Long, Long Time
4. Break the Man
5. My Demons
6. Rivers Of Mercy
7. Please Be Happy
8. Master Plan
9. End Of Night
10. Stay
Bonus Track:
11. Secret Location
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