LB (LASSIGUE BENDTHAUS) - Pop Artificielle
(Output Records)
CD /  OPRCD 38
Ilmus 2000
NB! Soodushind
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1. Superbad (Soul Substitute) (James Brown)
2.  Be Near Me (Backup Read Error) (M. White, M. Fry)
3. Sunshine Superman (Stereo Phase Update) (Donovan)
4. The Future (Spritual Surface Noise) (Prince)
5. Jealous Guy (Poeme Syncope) (John Lennon)
6. You Are In My System (Funky Linear) (D. Frank, M. Murphy)
7. Ashes To Ashes (Digital Space Replicant) (David Bowie)
8. Thatness and Thereness (Mental Organic) (R. Sakamoto)
9. Angie (Miniature Numerique) (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards)
10. Silence Is Golden (Moral Morph) (B. Crewe, B. Gaudio)
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