THE GALILEO 7 - You, Me and Reality
(Damaged Goods Records)
-garage rock-
Ilmus 1.3.2024
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"Since the early 80's Allan Crockford has been a major figure in Medway's garage rock scene, including playing for The Prisoners, Billy Childish's Thee Headcoats, the original line-up of the James Taylor Quartet, The Solarflares and many more.

Since 2010 he has fronted his own band, The Galileo 7, as writer, guitarist, and lead vocalist. Their unique blend of powerful '60s garage rock'n'roll, psychedelic vocal harmonies and quality songwriting has now featured on no less than eight albums. Their ninth, "You, Me and Reality", sounds like the work of a seasoned rock 'n' roll band dialling things up one and approaching its zenith."


1. Can´t Go Home
2. You, Me and Reality
3. A Quiet Place
4. Slow Down
5. I Know What I Know
6. Rain Is Falling
7. Seen Somehow
8. Blind Eyes Open
9. The Man Who Was Thursday
10. Lazy
11. A Simple Man
12. Something In Your Eyes
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