We Jazz Magazine - Issue 08 / Summer 2023: Shadow Shapes
(We Jazz Records)
inglise keelne, 128lk, formaat 170 x 240 mm
MAG / WJMAG 08 / 5050580807853 / 20,00
Ilmus 16.6.2023
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"Brilliant new mag from people at We Jazz. Top Marks. Great Contributors. Jazz needs this!"
- Gilles Peterson / BBC6

"So much amazing material in this magazine, we're talking Wax Poetics standards over here. Check out We Jazz - they certainly know what they're doing."
- Mr. Scruff / Worldwide FM

"But most of all is the presentation - as this is more of a journal than a magazine - done in a book-style package."
- Dusty Groove

Kaanelugu harfilegend Dorothy Ashby´st (David Mittleman), Don Cherry (Magnus Nygren), Peter Evans (Andrey Henkin), The Return Of the Queer Jazz Scene (Tina Edwards), Jimetta Rose & the Voices Of Creation (Samuel Lamontagne), Asher Gamedze (Teju Adeleye), Jazz Taphonomy (Seymour Wright), Discaholic kolumn (Mats Gustafsson), Guy Stevens (Lander Lenaerts) + kontserdi- ja plaadiarvustused/ülevaated jm.

Ajakirja lugude autoriteks on tuntud kirjutajad ja fotograafid väljaannetest The Wire, The Quietus, Pitchfork, Jazzwise jt.