JIMI HENDRIX - Blue Wild Angel: Jimi Hendrix Live At the Isle Of Wight
(Sony Music)
The Authorized Hendrix Family Edition
BLU-RAY / 888430541498

Ilmus 17.6.2014
NB! Soodushind
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1. Blue Wild Angel: Jimi Hendrix Live at the Isle Of Wight (Main Film)
2. Introduction (Live At the Isle Of Wight)
3. God Save the Queen
4. Sgt. Pepper`s Lonely Hearts Club Band
5. Spanish Castle Magic
6. All Along the Watchtower
7. Machine Gun
8. Lover Man
9. Freedom
10. Red House
11. Dolly Dagger
12. Foxey Lady
13. Message To Love
14. Ezy Ryder
15. Purple Haze
16. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
17. In From the Storm
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