THE EXPLOITED - Punks Not Dead
(Captain Oi!)
Deluxe Edition
digipakCD / AHOY DPX 661
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Punk klassik ja üks läbi aegade parimini müünud punk rock albumeid!
Deluxe versioonil leiab ka Indie Chart singlid Army Life, Exploited Barmy Army, Dogs Of War ja Dead Cities.

1. Punks Not Dead
2. Mucky Pup
3. Cop Cars
4. Free Flight
5. Army Life (Part 2)
6. Blown To Bits
7. Sex & Violence
8. SPG
9. Royalty
10. Dole Q
11. Exploited Barmy Army
12. Ripper
13. Out Of Control
14. Son Of a Copper
15. I Believe In Anarchy
Bonus Tracks:
16. Daily News (Oi! The Album Version)
17. I Still Belive In Anarchy (Oi! The Album Version)
18. Army Life (Single Version)
19. Fuck the Mods
20. Crashed Out
21. Exploited Barmy Army (Single Version)
22. What You Gonna Do
23. Dogs Of War
24. Blown To Bits (Live)
25. Dead Cities
26. Hitler´s In the Charts Again
27. Class War
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