GURU - Guru`s Jazzmatazz Vol. 1: 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
(Virgin Records / Chrysalis Records)

3LP BOX / 0600753820254
-jazzy hip-hop-

1. Introduction
2. Loungin` (Co-producer, Trumpet - Donald Byrd)
3. When You´re Near (Co-producer, Vocals - N'Dea Davenport)
4. Transit Ride (Co-producer, Saxophone - Branford Marsalis; Guitar – Zachary Breaux)
5. No Time To Play (Co-producer, Guitar - Ronny Jordan; Vocals – Dee C. Lee)
6. Down the Backstreets (Co-producer, Piano – Lonnie Liston Smith)

1. Respectful Dedications
2. Take a Look (At Yourself) (Co-producer, Featuring Roy Ayers)
3. Trust Me (Co-producer, Vocals - N'Dea Davenport)
4. Slicker Than Most (Saxophone - Gary Barnacle)
5. Le Bien, Le Mal (Co-producer, Featuring MC Solaar)
6. Sights In the City (Co-producer - Carleen Anderson, Courtney Pine; Keyboards - Simon Law; Saxophone - Courtney Pine; Vocals - Carleen Anderson)

The Instrumentals
1. Loungin` (Instrumental)
2. When You`re Near (Instrumental)
3. Transit Ride (Instrumental)
4. No Time To Play (Instrumental)
5. Down the Backstreets (Instrumental)

1. Take a Look (At Yourself) (Instrumental)
2. Trust Me (Instrumental)
3. Slicker Than Most (Instrumental)
4. Le Bien, Le Mal (Instrumental)
5. Sights In the City (Instrumental)

The Bonus Tracks
1. Loungin` (Square Biz Mix)
2. Loungin' (Guru Meets the Professor Mix)
3. Loungin' (Jazz Not Jazz Mix)
4. No Time To Play (CJ`s Longer Radio Mix)

1. Trust Me (CJ`s Master Mix)
2. Season For Change
3. Season For Change (Dawn Of the Season Mix)

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