ALAN SILVESTRI - Death Becomes Her: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
(Varèse Sarabande / Craft Recordings)
Ltd RSD Black Friday Exclusive Edition, Grape Vinyl, 1500 Copies
LP / 0888072423497
Ilmub 24.11.2023
Müügil RSD Black Friday´l World Clinicus

Alan Silvestri poolt 1992. aastal mustale komöödiale "Death Becomes Her" loodud muusika esmakordselt vinüülil.
Lisatud seitse lugu, mida ei olnud algsel soundtrackil, ja lugu "Me", mida esitab näitlejatar  Meryl Streep.


1. Main Title
2. Me
3. Woman On the Verge
4. Lisle
5. The Altar / Sexual
6. A Touch Of Magic
7. Now, a Warning
8. Sempre Viva
9. Another Drunk Driver
10. Self Defense / New Mad Arrives Home
11. Hurry Up, You Wimp
12. It's Alive

1. Violation Of Natural Law
2. To the Morgue
3. Helen Spies
4. She Was a Bad Actress
5. Another Miracle
6. I'll Be Upstairs
7. Loving You
8. Seal the Room
9. I'd Rather Die
10. Switzerland
11. End Credits