PETER TOSH - Live & Dangerous: Boston 1976
(Columbia Records / Legacy Recordings)
Ltd Record Store Day 2023 Edition, Translucent Yellow Vinyl, 3550 Copies
2LP / 194399784716

Ilmus 22.4.2023
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Peter Toshi 1976. aastal Bostonis antud kontsert esmakordselt vinüülil.
"With the release of his debut masterpiece, Legalize It, Peter Tosh set out on his first tour of America. Tosh´s live performances immediately galvanized audiences across the country. Like few before or since, Tosh combined mesmerizing showmanship with deep and profound messages. This performance recorded in Massachusetts during the fall of 1976 captures all of this and more with crystal clarity."

1. Instrumental Intro
2. Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praised)
3. 400 Years

1. No Sympathy
2. Burial
3. Mark Of the Beast

1. Babylon Queendom
2. Why Must I Cry
3. Whatcha Gonna Do

1. Steppin´ Razor
2. Ketchy Shuby
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