U2 - Boy
(Island Records / UMC)
40th Anniversary, RSD Black Friday 2020 Edition, 180g White Vinyl, + Double-sided Poster (B2 Size, Folded), 10000 Copies
LP / 0602507496272
Ilmus 27.11.2020
Kohe poes olemas, tarneaeg 1-3 päeva

U2 algselt 20. oktoobril 1980 ilmunud debüütalbumi Boy 40nda juubeli väljaanne.
Lindistatud Windmill Lane Stuudios Dublinis, produtsendiks Steve Lillywhite,
Albumilt leiab singlid A Day Without Me ja I Will Follow.

1. I Will Follow
2. Twilight
3. An Cat Dubh
4. Into the Heart
5. Out Of Control

1. Stories For Boys
2. The Ocean
3. A Day Without Me
4. Another Time, Another Place
5. The Electric Co.
6. Shadows and Tall Trees
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