THE BOONDOCKS - Soup Can Pop Band
(The Boondocks)
digipakCD / 4748001016991
Ilmus 24.9.2021
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Eesti Muusika Auhinnad 2022: Aasta rockalbum

The Boondocksi neljas album on passiiv-agressiivne kriitika kaasaegsele ühiskonnale ja poliitikale, edastades oma sentimente heliliste vihjetega punkrocki mitmekesisele ajaloole.

See kõlab nagu David Bowie ja Ramones oleks kusagil Clashi kontserdi bäkkaris kohtunud."
- albumi miksija José Diogo Neves

"With post-punk and indie music influences, Soup Can Pop Band is a tribute to two music traditions. It is timely too, wrestling with the questions of how the individual relates to society, propped with references to trolls and self-help literature.
- Paula Erizanu, The Calvert Journal

"The hearts of The Boondocks are beating to the rock god and pretty hard. Before this new album, they must've been either meditating in a monk cell or opening their chakras in a Native American tent, because the base is as solid as rock and the going bold like a "Dune” rocket.
- Peeter Kormašov, Eesti Ekspress

1. Man of the People
2. Smokin' Aces
3. Doppelgängers
4. Shadow In the Light
5. Mr. Politician
6. A City On Fire
7. Whatever You Said Went Over My Head
8. The Hypernarrative
9. Beware, BEWARE
10. (10455)
11. Starving Dogs

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