(Wah Wah 45s Records)
CD / WAHCD 038
Ilmus 27.11.2020
Tarneaeg 1-4 nädalat

Lõuna-Londonist pärit Soothsayersi 9. stuudio album. Rasked bassivõnked, reggae-gruuv ja sotsiaal-poliitiliselt tugevad tekstid.
We Are Many viib kuulaja dubi, afrobeati, impro-jazzi ja elktroonilise muusika eripalgelistesse hoovustesse.
"Whilst heavy questions of life and death and the future of our species surround us all, music is a guide that can help us perceive the challenges in a different way - a guide that can help us towards a deep inner peace. If we listen, music can help light the way. We hope you will listen, and we hope you will experience the joy, meditative power and beauty in the connection of different musical cultures that was experienced in the creation of this album."
- Idris Rahman ja Robin Hopcraft (Soothsayers)

1. Rat Race
2. Love and Unity
3. We Are Many
4. Move In Silence
5. One Step Away
6. No Sacrifice
7. Rolling (em Barra do Sahy)
9. Light the Way
10. Hands In the Ground
11. We Won`t Lose Hope
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