WHITNEY HOUSTON - Whitney Houston
(Arista Records / Legacy Recordings)
The Deluxe Anniversary Edition, Remastered
DVD: NTSC, Stereo

CD+DVD / 886976351823
Ilmus 2010
Kohe poes olemas
Tarneaeg 1-3 päeva

Album, mis lõi Whitney Houstonist superstaari!
5 lisalugu, rariteetsed kontsetsalvestused, videod ja uued intervjuud.
Bukletis haruldased fotod ning Whitney Houstoni ja Clive Davise albumi sisu avavad tekstid. 

1. You Give Good Love
2. Thinking About You
3. Someone For Me
4. Saving All My Love For You
5. Nobody Loves Me Like You Do
6. How Will I Know
7. All At Once
8. Take Good Care Of My Heart
9. Greatest Love Of All
10. Hold Me
Bonus Tracks
11. Thinking About You (12-Inch Dance Remix)
12. Someone For Me (12-Inch Dance Remix)
13. How Will I Know (Acappella)
14. How Will I Know (12-Inch Dance Remix)
15. Greatest Love Of All (Live From Radio City Music Hall, 1990)

DVD: Whitney Houston: The Deluxe Anniversary Edition
1. Conversation With Whitney Houston and Clive Davis
2. Home (1983 Premiere TV Performance From The Merv Griffin Show)
3. I Am Changing (Live From the Arista Records 10th Anniversary Celebration, 1985)
4. You Give Good Love (Live From the 1st Annual Soul Train Awards, 1987)
5. You Give Good Love (Promo Music Video)
6. Saving All My Love For You (Promo Music Video)
7. How Will I Know (Promo Music Video)
8. Greatest Love Of All (Promo Music Video)

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